La La Land Just Broke The Record For Most Golden Globe Wins, And Here's Why You Need To See It

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's romance will capture your imagination.
La La Land Just Broke The Record For Most Golden Globe Wins, And Here's Why You Need To See It

La La Land cleaned up at the Golden Globes, taking home a whopping seven awards.


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won Best Actress and Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, while director Damien Chazelle took away Best Director. The film also won Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song for 'City of Stars'.


But you might be wondering, what's with all the hype?


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Critics have been divided about the film, with some praising it for its 'magical' direction and beautiful score, and others slamming it for its 'lack of original plot' and Goslings' 'nasal singing'. But here's why you should absolutely ignore the negative reviews and go watch it anyway...


It's A Movie For Dreamers


Emma Stone said it herself in her acceptance speech - La La Land is a film for anyone who's ever had their confidence knocked when chasing their dream, but still 'finds it within themselves to get up'. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's characters (Mia and Sebastian) are complex and conflicted - they struggle between their desire to succeed and their love for one another, and it's magnificent to watch. There's a sense of escapism in the bright costumes and sultry settings, and it will ignite your imagination.


It's A Beautiful Introduction To The Modern Musical


"But I don't like musicals," you might say. Yes, La La Land bears reference to the traditional musicals of the 50s, and it may take you until Emma Stone picks up her iPhone in the opening scene to figure out that La La Land is set in the present, but the film is a modern musical for a modern time. The score is subtle, with less songs than you might expect in a musical, and it rarely jumps into blockbuster tracks like in Hairspray or Chicago. The pace is more natural, and feels less interrupted by music, which makes the genre more accessible.




It's Emma Stone's Best Performance Yet


There is subtlety and feeling that we haven't seen before from Emma Stone until now. From her character's crippling feelings of failure, to her moments of hope, she takes you on a journey. While Stone isn't a natural singer, she carries the songs well and most impressive was her dancing, which was incredibly emotive. She's a hot contender for an Oscar in this movie.


The Wardrobes Are Outstanding


If you're looking for some ideas of how to bring some colour to your summer wardrobe, La La Land is a marvellous place to start. Emma Stone's block colour dresses are inspired by vintage cuts but modernised, while Ryan Gosling's wardrobe is a tip of the hat to the first jazz musicians.

It's A Love Story, But It's Also Realistic


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have undeniable chemistry on screen. But this love story is quite different to that of Crazy Stupid Love - and you'll see why at the end. Mia and Sebastian's meeting is a classic meet cute where they argue as strangers in a traffic jam. After bumping into each other a couple more times, they figure it's fate and start dating. But it's their journey, struggles and ultimate decision of how to move forward that make this film more than a romance in a rom com. This is a movie about more than just romantic love - it's about dreams and ambition, and the sacrifices we make to chase them.