The Best Social Media Reactions To Donald Trump Calling Meryl Streep 'Overrated'

George Clooney had some very choice words for the US president-elect.
The Best Social Media Reactions To Donald Trump Calling Meryl Streep 'Overrated'

When Donald Trump hit back at Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech for accusing him of mocking a disabled reporter, he messed with the wrong actress.


Why? Because calling Meryl Streep 'overrated' is like telling Michael Jordan he needs to work on his game. 


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Naturally, celebrities came to Meryl Streep's defence with fellow actors George Clooney and Ben Affleck in absolute disbelief over the comments.


George Clooney wasn't impressed by Trump's attempt to bring down the 19-time-Academy-Award-nominated actress. He told The Guardian reporters that he thought the president-elect should have more pressing priorities.


"Aren't you supposed to be running the country?" he said. "I didn't vote for him, I don't support him, I don't think he's the right choice. At this moment in our lives we have to hope that he doesn't destroy everything. The reality is you have to hope he will do a decent job because if the United States fails, really terrible things happen, so you have to hope that he can. I don't see any signs of it ... I think we're going to be a little unlucky now."


He also added in jest that he agreed, he's 'always said' Meryl Streep was the most 'overrated' actress.


"She's maybe the most overrated actress of all time," he said. "She and I worked together on Fantastic Mr. Fox as husband and wife and I will tell you even as a fox, a female fox, she’s overrated."


Meanwhile Ben Affleck was incredibly amused by Trump's choice of jibe. He spoke on Jimmy Kimmel about the tweets. 


“If there’s one thing truly in the world that we know is not true, it’s that Meryl Streep is overrated,” Affleck said. “It’s like [saying] Gandhi: terrible leader! Pick a better shot rather than the person whose photograph actually accompanies ‘great actress.’”

The Internet also came to Meryl Streep's defence, and were completely outraged by Trump's comments.

In fact, a hashtag started called #ThingsTrumpThinksAreOverrated and it is pretty damn funny.

We can't imagine these Trump Twitter awards ending too soon, can you?