Are You Making The Biggest Makeup Mistake?

Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner's makeup artist shares exactly how to fix it

The beauty industry is one that is always evolving. Skincare and makeup products are constantly being reformulated in the hope of creating a flawless foundation base. When marie claire spoke to makeup artist Ariel Tejada (who’s regular client list includes Kylie Jenner, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Shay Mitchell), we were not at all surprised to hear what he believes is the biggest makeup mistake people are making.

“Applying too much foundation,” Tejada explains. “Something that I tend to do is start off with the thinnest layer of foundation. I feel like some people tend to go in and mask their face and that’s just so unnecessary. You’re supposed to be enhancing your features not masking them.”

Tejada then shared the single most important makeup tip he has learnt from his years in the industry, “I used to assist this makeup artist, her name was Sheika Daley and I remember I asked her ‘How do you make your makeup look like second skin? It’s crazy.”

 “She said ‘just blend until you can’t blend no more.’ I take forever to do makeup, I really do. But it’s the most rewarding thing when at the end of it; my makeup is blended to perfection. Spend your time on blending.”

Tejada credits brushes as his blending tool of choice. “I remember growing up and watching the makeup artists that I loved, like Kevyn Aucoin and [Francois] Nars…they were using either their fingers or brushes…You can’t get a better blend with a brush.”

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