Emilia Clarke’s Favourite, Decades-Old ‘Almost’ Lipstick Has Gone Viral And For Good Reason

And it's finally back in stock.

Nowadays, it seems as if the only way to get a new beauty product on our radar is to allow TikTok users to discover it, film their review and wait for the news of the discovery to go viral.

But for Clinique’s ‘Almost Lipstick’ in Black Honey, the decades-old product has found its second wind, after receiving the internet’s stamp of approval—and 20.3 million views of the #BlackHoney hashtag on TikTok.

Plucked from obscurity, the product landed in the hands of Generation Z’s most popular, who showcased the previously-famous product to the young up and comers. But what makes the product viral-worthy? Well, the pigment leaves lips looking bitten by berries and is universal, no matter the lip colour or skin tone.

Picking up traction back in August, Black Honey swiftly began to sell out from Clinique stores and their stockists around the world, continuing to sell out with every restock, even today. With the likes of Clinique ambassador and Game Of Thrones alum, Emilia Clarke, singing its praises, there’s no wonder why the world has become obsessed with getting their hands on juicy hue.

“I’m a granny, I’m sorry. I’m not on TikTok,” Clarke joked, as she opened the product for the first time. “It looks really scary. It looks like my lips are about to go black,” she said, as she begins to apply the product. “That’s amazing! Clinique, send me seven more, thank you very much.”

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As for the product itself, Black Honey is just as impressive as the world’s reaction to it. In the tube, the product gives off an incredibly deep, almost-blackberry hue. However, when swiped onto the lips, it applies as a sheer and incredibly buildable, lighter berry shade. The formula itself feels nourishing and hydrating, proving its ‘almost lipstick’ name by emulating the feel of a tinted lip balm.

Clocking in at an affordable AUD $41, Black Honey is accessible for most people to give it a try. So, how could you not?

While an affordable and universal lip tint feels convenient for most, the depths of its diversity is monumental. An announcement made through several viral TikTok videos about the product, saw many recommend the shade for those with a deeper skin tone, specifically those of South East Asian heritage.


Yes, they’re both wearing the cult classic #BlackHoney lipstick. ? It looks great—and different—on everyone. #CliniqueBlackHoney #Clinique

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What many may not know is that Black Honey’s history goes way back. First introduced by Clinique back in 1971, the shade itself was created by the brand’s co-founder, Carol Philips, as a colour that served as the ‘black turtleneck’ but for the lips, quickly becoming a universal must-have. And thanks to its current ‘Almost Lipstick’ formulation, that originally launched in 1989, the ‘your lips but better’ shade has gained worldwide traction once again.

Looking to get your hands on Black Honey? Well, the product is currently not available on Sephora or MECCA and is sold out on Clinique’s website. However, many have called out the impressive dupes of the product that are seemingly still available. And while Clinique’s Almost Lipstick boasts the best longevity, essentially turning into a lip stain on the pout, these dupes aren’t too far behind.

Until Clinique is able to restock the cult product, many have turned to the brand’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Richer Raisin, Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Smitten, and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig for a similar, yet not quite identical look.

However, if like us, you’re dedicated to the OG, then you can join the waitlist for Black Honey over on Clinique’s website here.

Black Honey

Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $41 at THE ICONIC

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