Meet The Parents Being Match Made By Their Children On ‘My Mum, Your Dad’

Would you ever go on a dating show with your parents? These people are.
My Mum, Your Dad CastNine

While the idea of going on a dating program with your parents might sound like the last thing you would ever want to do, Nine’s reality show My Mum, Your Dad, proves it was anything but. 

The unique dating show first came to our screens last November, when we were introduced to a group of parents looking for love and their match-making adult children. While the season one parents didn’t know their children would be playing matchmakers until arriving on the show, the season two parents know what they have signed up for. 

As season two’s romances begin to blossom, meet the parents and their offspring matchmakers below. 

Simmo and Sarah ‘Chook’ 

Simmo and Chook My Mum Your Dad
Simmo and Sarah. (Credit: Nine )

Simmo is a 54-year-old café and wine-bar owner from New South Wales. He is the father of three children, including 21-year-old Sarah ‘Chook’, who will be joining the show as her father’s matchmaker. Chook, who also works at her father’s bar, says that Simmo gets a lot of female attention but doesn’t often notice. 

Tom and Chloe 

Tom and Chloe My Mum Your Dad
Tom and Chloe. (Credit: Nine)

Tom is a 53-year-old businessman and father of two from Queensland. He moved to Australia from to Slovakia when he was just nine years old, and now runs an extremely successful mortgage broking business. 

He’s joining the show with his 21-year-old daughter Chloe, who Tom believes is a lot like his late mother. 

Wes and Jake 

Wes and Jake 'My Mum Your Dad' cast
Wes and Jake. (Credit: Nine )

Wes is a 49-year-old foreman from New South Wales. He’s a typical Australian guy, who loves surfing, swimming, snowboarding and riding dirt bikes. 

Wes is the father of 21-year-old Jake, having separated from Jake’s mum 19 years ago. While he has been in other relationships since, Wes says that he’s only been in love once. 

Ben, Jasmin and Jaxon

Ben, Jasmin and Jaxon My Mum Your Dad cast
Ben, Jasmin and Jaxon. (Credit: Nine)

Ben is a 51-year-old international pilot and father of four from New South Wales. Although he was married for ten years, Ben finds it difficult to maintain a connection with people due to the travelling involved in his job. 

Two of Ben’s children, 18-year-old twins, Jasmin and Jaxon, are joining the show as their father’s matchmakers. 

Masi and Harper 

Masi and Harper 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Masi and Harper. (Credit: Nine)

Masi is a 52-year-old landscaping business owner and father of three from the Gold Coast. Since Masi split from his wife seven years ago, he hasn’t had a problem meeting women but he does have a problem finding the right one. 

Masi’s 18-year-old son Harper is joining the show to help his dad find love (and raise his dad’s dating demographic). 

Shannon and Katie

Shannon and Katie, 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Shannon and Katie. (Credit: Nine )

Shannon is a 51-year-old real estate agent and father of three from Noosa in Queensland. He was with his ex-wife for 20 years and has remained great friends with her, while his more resent seven-year relationship left him with a broken heart. 

Shannon is joining the show with his 19-year-old daughter, Katie, who is very protective of her dad. 

Kim and Chelsea 

Kim and Chelsea 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Kim and Chelsea. (Credit: Nine)

Kim is a 57-year-old flight attendant from Western Australia. Since splitting from her daughter, Katie’s father, when Chelsea was one, Kim has gone for good-looking guys who are chased by lots of women. While she was brought up with a ‘Stepford wife’ mentality, it hasn’t helped her in the relationship department yet. 

Kim is joining the show with her 21-year-old daughter Katie, who is ready to steer her mum away from the red flags. 

Janine and Tiarn

Janine and Tiarn.
Janine and Tiarn. (Credit: Nine )

53-year-old Janine is an aged care nurse and mother of two from New South Wales. While Janine has been married twice and is regularly going on dates, she also doesn’t find it hard to let go of men who don’t live up to her standards. 

Janine is joining the show with her 22-year-old daughter Tiarn, who isn’t scared of telling her mum that someone isn’t right for her. 

Donna and Steph 

Donna and Steph. 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Donna and Steph. (Credit: Nine )

Donna is a 51-year-old receptionist and mother of four from South Australia, where she believes there is a man drought. 

Donna is joining the show with her 27-year-old daughter, Steph, who wants to find someone to make her mum happy. 

Michelle and Jesse 

Michelle and Jesse. 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Michelle and Jesse. (Credit: Nine)

Michelle is a 48-year-old cafe owner and mother of two from Western Australia. As a self-confessed fixer, she always ends up with men that need her help. However, Michelle is finished with dating broken men and this time around, is ready to find someone who will look after her. 

Michelle is joining the show with her 26-year-old son, Jesse, who is sick of seeing his mum end up with “losers” and is ready to take control of her dating life. 

Nadia and Mona 

Nadia and Mona. My Mum, Your Dad
Nadia and Mona. (Credit: Nine )

Nadia is a 47-year-old personal trainer, events planner and mother of five from Queensland. After splitting from her husband of 16 years, Nadia has kept her dating life private from her children—even a man she dated for two years. 

This time around, Nadia’s 25-year-old daughter Mona is getting the full picture of her mum’s dating life, when she joins the show as her mum’s matchmaker. 

Rebecca and Gracie 

Rebecca and Gracie. 'My Mum, Your Dad'
Rebecca and Gracie.

Rebecca is a 52-year-old retail worker and mother of two from Queensland. Since separating from her husband six years ago, Rebecca has only dated a few times, and is finally ready to take a bigger leap into the dating world. 

She’s joining the show with her 20-year-old daughter, Gracie, who shares the same sense of humour as her mum. 

Dani and Brandon 

Dani and Brandon
Dani and Brandon (Credit: Nine)

51-year-old Dani is an interior decorator and mother of three from Victoria. Tragically, Dani’s ‘Mr Right’ died from a cardiac arrest in 2019. Now that she’s been single for four years, she feels like its the right time to meet a strong, stable man who can cope with her being a widow. 

Dani’s 28-year-old son Brandon is helping his mum find her perfect match. He still manages his late stepdad’s gym and is very protective of his mum. 

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