10 Affordable Jewellery Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

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Shopping for affordable jewellery can feel like a gamble, particularly if you haven’t purchased from the brand you’ve set your sights on before.

There’s nothing worse than splashing your cash on a stunning new ring or necklace only to have it turn your skin green, fall apart or tarnish after just a few wears.

Finding affordable jewellery brands that will last a lifetime­—including your daily shower, because no one wants to de-jewel every wash—is possible, you just have to know what to look for.

How To Determine If Silver Jewellery Is Good Quality

The quality of a piece of silver jewellery is determined by a scale of 1 to 1000. However, it’s not actually possible to produce an item with 100 percent silver, meaning the highest grade you can find is 925 silver, meaning its make-up is 92.5% of the metal.

How To Determine If Gold Jewellery Is Good Quality

There are four terms to know when shopping for affordable gold jewellery that relate the piece’s quality and finish: solid gold, gold-filled, gold-vermeil and gold-plated.

Solid gold is typically the highest quality jewellery you can get. Coming in various grades described as karats—14K, 18K and the highest, 24K—solid gold won’t tarnish.

Gold-filled, gold-vermeil and gold-plated jewellery involves a layer of gold being applied to a cheaper base metal.


What Is The Difference Between Gold-Filled, Gold-Vermeil And Gold-Plated?


Can be either a 925 silver or brass base, gold is pressure and heat bonded (melted or fused) on to the base metal, has a minimum thickness of 3 microns of gold and is water-resistant.


Has a 925 silver base, uses electroplating to fuse the gold to the base metal, can be a thickness of 0.1 to 3 microns and is more likely to tarnish over time.


Can be a base layer of nickel, zinc, alloy or brass, uses electroplating to fuse the gold to the base metal, has a micron thickness of less than 0.1 and is quick to tarnish.

The Best Affordable Jewellery Brands To Shop In Australia


Sarah & Sebastian

Known for: high-quality, soldered, designer and dainty pieces crafted from fine silver and solid golid.

Price point: from $80

Available at: Sarah & Sebastian 



Known for: Everyday staples and on-trend pieces crafted from sterling silver, gold vermeil, recycled 14K gold and 14K yellow gold.

Price point: from $45

Available at: Mejuri


Michael Kors 

Known for: Staples and keep-forever pieces elevated with touches of glitz and glamour. 

Price point: from$249 

Available at: Michael Kors 


Love Isabelle

Known for: long-lasting, delicate staples perfect for everyday wear, crafted from 14K gold-fill.

Price point: from $29

Available at: Love Isabelle, THE ICONIC


S-kin Studio

Known for: stunning ear-stacks, dainty pieces and tarot-inspired collections crafted from gold-fill or solid gold.

Price point: from $8 for single charms

Available at: S-kin Studio 



Known for: vintage and Art Deco-inspires staples, crafted from sterling silver and gold-fill.

Price point: from $109

Available at: Reliquia Collective, THE ICONIC, David Jones


Brie Leon

Known for: elevated everyday staples you’ll want to live in, crafted from 925 sterling silver and gold-plated.

Price point: from $89

Available at: Brie LeonTHE ICONIC


Monica Vinader 

Known for: stylish sustainable pieces, layering essentials and fine details crafted from 18K gold-vermeil.

Price point: from $40

Available at: Monica Vinader, FARFETCH


Avant Studio 

Known for: staple pieces with a unique twist and coloured gems, crafted from 18K electroplated gold on 925 sterling silver

Price point: from $65

Available at: Avant Studio, THE ICONIC  


Arms of Eve

Known for: stunning pieces that crosses culture, defies trends and spans seasons, crafted from 18k gold-plated.

Price point: from $35

Available at: Arms Of Eve, THE ICONIC

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