5 Dress Rental Companies To Try Out For Your Next Big Event

Saving you hundreds.

Getting invited to weddings, parties and other big events is exciting—until you remember that you have nothing to wear. 

At this point, most of us rush to the shops to splash another few hundred on a dress we will wear once, or resort to wearing something we’ve worn before. While we completely endorse outfit repeating, we have to admit, that during wedding season, wearing the same dress can start to feel a little tiresome. 

Thankfully, there’s a handy little thing called dress rentals. 

Now, if you’re imagining a stuffy shop filled with someone’s old formal gowns from the 1980s, you’ve got it wrong. These days, dress and clothing hire companies have changed. While you might find the odd archival piece, you’re more likely to find an abundance of items from the latest designers—including all of those you never thought you could afford to wear.

Instead of throwing a few hundred on a dress you don’t particularly like, you can spend less and wear something you’re completely in love with. And don’t forget—hiring your clothing is a much more sustainable way to shop too. 

Whether you’re new to the clothing rental market, or you’re an experienced renter yourself, you can find all of our favourite Australian rental clothing brands below.

The Best Dress Hire Companies In Australia 

The Volte 

The Volte is one of the best Australian fashion rental sites to find designer clothing. The site allows you to rent designer items direct from those lenders who own this. This set up means that you have access to thousands of incredible pieces from designers including Sir The Label, Jacquemus, Rebecca Vallance, Alemais, Rat & Boa, among others. 

The site also offers a big range of clothing sizes, from size 4 up to 22—making it possible for women of every shape, size and budget to wear designer pieces. 

Sir The Label
This Sir The Label dress is available to rent on The Volte. (Credit: The Volte)

Glam Corner 

Unlike peer-to-peer fashion rental sites, Glam Corner owns all of the pieces they rent out to customers—and they have a pretty impressive collection. From beloved Australian designers such as Camilla and Marc, Spell and Shona Joy to all our favourite international designers, including Chanel, Ganni and Dior, you’re not going to struggle to find something that you love. 

Plus, the site offers different ways to rent clothing, including one-time rentals and monthly subscription services. They also have a great sale section for those who can’t part with their pieces. 

Zimmerman Strapless black dress
Rent this strapless black Zimmerman from Glam Corner. (Credit: Zimmerman)


Threadicated doesn’t only offer clothing rentals—but styling too. This service is invaluable for those who get nervous about purchasing clothing online, without trying them on. Unlike other clothing rental websites, Threadicated works on a subscription model. This means that instead of choosing one of pieces every now and then, you will receive a box of five items every month. If that’s too often then the site also offers two and three month plans. 

With Threadicated, you receive a box of clothing. (Credit: Threadicated)


Loved by fashion industry insiders, Designerex is the place to go for the latest it-girl items you just can’t afford (or fit in your wardrobe) to buy. The site is one of the world’s biggest peer-to-peer designer clothing sharing platform, and it certainly delivers on quality. With pieces from designers like Alemais, Sir The Label, Rat & Boa, Scanlan Theodore and Christopher Esber, among many more, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Plus, the site uses secure real-time ID verification to keep you, and your garments, safe. 

Sir The Label
This Sir The Label dress is available to rent on Designerex. (Credit: Sir The Label)

Style Theory 

Style Theory is another one of our favourite dress rental platforms because of the multitude of luxury pieces they have available to rent. While you can rent dresses from all over Australia, Melbourne-based customers are particularly fortunate due to Style Theory having a proper brick-and-mortar store in Melbourne. The site also has a great range of pregnancy friendly designer dresses, for those who don’t want their bump preventing them from wearing something fabulous.  

The viral Rebecca Vallance dress is available on Style Theory. (Credit: Rebecca Vallance)

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