9 Sleepwear Brands To Keep You Feeling Chic While You Sleep

Haute hibernation.

As our time spent at home increases, our outfit choices can easily affect our mental wellbeing.

Understandably, many of us have begun dressing up in isolation, in the hope that it will increase our productivity and lift our mood. Yet, this doesn’t mean that we need to say goodbye to feeling comfortable.

Facing a future of seemingly infinite time at home, it is important that we can differentiate our ‘work’ attire from what we wear in our down-time.

As these lines blur, looking forward to changing from your daytime outfit to a comfortable pair of pyjamas can easily become a foreign concept.

For those who have already accumulated a wardrobe of luxurious loungewear, perhaps it’s time to focus on what to wear when you truly unwind.

Whether you’re looking to rediscover the excitement of a chic pyjama moment, or redefine your work-from-home wardrobe, now is the perfect time to cultivate your bedroom style without compromising comfort.

The Best Sleepwear Brands In Australia

From silky pyjamas to cosy matching sets, keep scrolling for the best sleepwear brands that you can buy in Australia.

(Credit: Olivia von Halle)

Olivia von Halle

With a strong focus on cocktail-ready sleepwear, Olivia von Halle creates an equilibrium between both style and comfort. Establishing a repertoire of ‘hero’ styles, their renowned ‘Lila’ pyjama fuses the comfort of loungewear and the style of their eccentric prints with a resolute attention to detail.

Worn by the likes of Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner and Gigi Hadid, it’s easy to understand why the world can’t stop wearing this brand.

Shop Olivia von Halle at Olivia von Halle.
Shop Olivia von Halle at NET-A-PORTER.



For luxurious sleepwear you can’t surpass silk, which means you can’t do better than Lilysilk. With a focus on sustainability and zero waste, the brand sources it’s silk from Mulberry trees which require less water than cotton to grow and decomposes faster than synthetic materials. Outside of the environmental benefits, these PJs will prove your softest, silkiest sleep yet.  

Shop Lilysilk here

(Credit: Deiji Studios)

Deiji Studios

For the linen devotee, Australian brand Deiji Studios delivers high comfort and high quality apparel to blur the lines between sleepwear and ready-to-wear. A favourite among Instagram influencers alike, the Bryon Bay brand pursues the innate sense of style that defies both age and time. Meaning that you’ll get to love their pieces for years to come.

Shop Deji Studios at FARFETCH.

(Credit: Yolke)


Gaining popularity through their innovative use of stretch silk, Yolke has become synonymous with classic styles with a playful twist. Run by women for women, the brand offers pieces in linen and viscose to ensure sustainability while preserving their signature, relaxed style. Yolke’s intricate attention to detail makes it the perfect day-to-night option.

Shop at Yolke.

(Credit: Skin)


Given its name, Skin is renowned for their impressive use of delicate fabrics and relaxed silhouettes that offer freedom of movement and a sense of ‘relaxed sophistication’. Founded in 2003, the brand holds true to its philosophy to ‘elevate the every day’ and we couldn’t agree more. Modern and minimal, Skin’s longevity is high in both quality and style.

Shop Skin at Revolve.

(Credit: Desmond & Dempsey)

Desmond & Dempsey

Coining itself as ‘the guy and the girl making pyjamas’, the London-based brand is exactly that. Founded by couple Joel and Molly, the pair struggled on sharing Joel’s favourite pyjama shirt, and thus their niché was born. Elevating a masculine shirt with feminine touches, Desmond & Dempsey really is the best of both worlds.

It even has the tick of approval from Jane Fonda.

Shop Desmond & Dempsey at FARFETCH.

(Credit: Asceno)


With a history in sleepwear, Asceno’s clearly nailed its ethos of comfort, ease, versatility and responsibility. Founded in 2014, the brand focuses on emulating the effortless energy of being relaxed, carefree and confident. With an emphasis in timeless, versatile design created in sustainable practice, their pieces are made to last the test of time.

Shop Asceno at Mytheresa.

iris and ink
(Credit: Iris & Ink)

Iris & Ink by The Outnet

Inspired by forward-thinking women with a devotion to the classics, Iris & Ink balances comfort and style to create a wardrobe that works anytime and anywhere. Launched in 2012 by The Outnet, Iris & Ink draws to sophistication and luxury through its sleepwear, apparel and accessories range.

Shop Iris & Ink at The Outnet.

(Credit: Else)


This Istanbul-based brand celebrates the multi-faceted, modern woman who ‘follows her dreams and sets her own rules’. Founded in 2008, Else’s offerings of sleepwear, loungewear and lingerie all reflect the brand’s mission of timeless apparel designed to help the wearer look and feel great in every situation. It’s safe to say that Else has certainly achieved that.

Shop Else here. 

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