How To Survive New York Fashion Week, According To Elle Ferguson

Step 1: shop, shop, shop

It’s that time again: Celebrities, models and influencers are currently touching down in the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week‘s spring/summer 2019 season, Australian entrepreneur and fashion blogger Elle Ferguson among them.

With designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Zimmermann debuting their new collections, the front row is sure to be filled with famous faces and, of course, the street style will be dictating everything we wear this summer. 

Below, the co-founder of ‘They All Hate Us’ and founder of fake tan brand, ELLE EFFECT, fills us in on the trends she’s currently loving, the items she couldn’t do NYFW without and the shows she’s most excited to see. 

What fashion week/s are you heading to this season? 

This year, I’m all about NYFW, which I’m attending with TRESemme. Then back to LA for a super exciting project… No Paris this year.

What shows are you most excited for?

Zimmermann, I cannot wait for their show. And then, of course, Rodarte.

How would you describe your personal style?

Currently, its 12:15am and I’m packing my suitcases, so I’m in good old activewear (which I’ve had on since pilates this morning). But in everyday life, my style is eclectic… it changes all the time.

Who do you look to for style inspiration in the lead up to fashion week?

This season, I have been addicted to all the colour from Copenhagen fashion week, the girls and outfits have been next level. I literally have hundreds of screenshots. I also love Instagram and just finding random amazingly dressed women that I get inspiration from.

How do you decide what to wear for fashion week?

Well, I could not have done this fashion week without my sister, Babyanything. She has been on so many shopping trips with me in my pre-planning stages and always believes in me when I say something crazy when putting together an outfit. She also is extremely honest, which is amazing when you are prepping for fashion week. You need outfits that look good from all angles.  Plus a coat of ELLE EFFECT, for the ultimate golden glow. 

During fashion week, what item wouldn’t you leave home without?

My phone… it’s my lifeline.

What one piece can you currently not get enough of?

Hmmm, I’m going to say COLOUR! I know I’m usually in denim and a basic, but this season I cannot get enough of colour.

What’s the one piece you’ll be rotating a lot this fashion month?

My new Quay sunglasses and my Fendi heels.

What’s the biggest fashion lesson you’ve learnt from previous fashion weeks?

Do you!!! It’s also a life lesson… everyone else is taken just do you!

What trends do you think we’ll see everywhere – either streets or runway – this fashion month?

Shells, anklets, chokers, clear bags. And I’m hoping the Havaiana thong trend will not be seen at NYFW… safe to say I haven’t packed any!

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