I Customised $800 Sneakers With Golden Goose’s Co-Creation Installation

In a word: obsessed.

Ordinarily, if someone took a paintbrush to a pair of shoes worth upwards of $800, I would gasp. As Kim Kardashian so aptly put it, “You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Bently.”

But that’s exactly what Golden Goose’s new co-creation experience involves.

The Italian label’s latest in-store activation sees customers work collaboratively with an artist to produce a pair of sneakers that are truly customised. 

It sounds unusual, but considered in the context of the brand’s ethos, an installation like this certainly makes sense.

Founded in 2000, Golden Goose has become synonymous with authenticity and artistry. Rebelling against an industry poised on an impossible pursuit of perfection, many of the brand’s famed sneakers even come ready-scuffed. 

Golden Goose sneakers have been the go-to of cool girls for two decades. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Naturally, when I heard the co-creation experience had arrived on Australian shores, I had to put it to the test. Below, everything you need to know about customising your very own pair of Golden Goose sneakers.

I Road Tested The Golden Goose Co-Creation Service

I arrived at the Bondi Junction store for my appointment bright eyed and bushy tailed, and with little knowledge of what lay ahead.  

The friendly staff walked me through my customisation options, which to my surprise, included nearly everything in the store, from sneakers and denim, to t-shirts and jackets, and even bags

Nothing is off limits when it comes to customisation. (Credit: Image: @goldengoose)

As a wardrobe minimalist, the options were admittedly a little daunting, but eventually, I settled on a pair of the label’s classic Ball Star style sneakers in white: the perfect blank canvas for what lay ahead.

Each boutique is fitted with a workstation, where a roster of artists get to work making magic on customer’s pieces. I was introduced to my artist for the day, PK, and together, we got to work on deciding how to make my sneakers truly one of a kind.

The co-creation workspace at the Rodeo Drive store. (Credit: Image: @goldengoose)

If you’re unsure exactly how you’d like to customise your piece, worry not. Each is equipped with hundreds of design options, from crystal embellishments, studs, and charms, to coloured laces, and garment-proof paint. PK was also able to show me examples of her previous creations and, before long, my creative juices were flowing. 

For a perfectionist like me, throwing caution to the wind doesn’t come easily. I could have spent hours perusing the endless design options. Thankfully however, PK was on hand to talk through my vision, sketching out an array of options onto my sneakers in an erasable pen until we (eventually) landed on something I loved. 

In the end, I kept things simple with a variety of heart designs, plus I couldn’t resist adding my initials to one of the shoes so they truly felt like a one-of-one creation.

The finished product!

Other customers, PK told me, might choose a handwritten quote that’s meaningful to them, or perhaps a symbol of a city that holds special memories. You can even get involved in the art yourself, with some customers putting paintbrush to sneaker themselves. The options really are endless. 

When the art is finished, each customised pair is stamped with “GGDB1OF1” in metallic foil: a symbol of their uniqueness. Then, mine were packaged into a box almost as beautiful as the shoes themselves, which PK also lovingly customised.

How To Customise A Pair Of Golden Goose Sneakers

The Co-Creation is currently avaialble at select Golden Goose stores in Australia. To book an appointment at your nearest store, visit the Golden Goose website here.

Co-Creation Experiences are available for AUD$150 RRP.

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