The Mystery Around Meghan Markle’s Diamond Earrings Has Finally Been Solved

At last!

I know it’s probably been eating at you all Christmas, so I’m going to put you out of your misery: the origin of the diamond earrings Meghan Markle wore to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party in November has finally been revealed.

The Duchess also wore the yellow diamonds strands to a state dinner with Prince Harry in Fiji, and at the time, Kensington Palace confirmed that they were borrowed.

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So it was simply assumed it was an heirloom borrowed from the Queen’s collection, although a few speculated they could still have been a wedding gift, perhaps from Prince Harry himself.

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Thanks to some detective work by the blog Meghan’s Mirror, we now know that they are by fine jewellery designer Butani, from its 2016 collection.

So if they are indeed borrowed, they could well have been on loan since before she even met Harry, for one of her many red carpet appearances when she starred in Suits.

Mystery sort of solved.

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