This Is The Handbag Meghan Markle Can’t Stop Wearing

She owns it in two different colours!

Meghan Markle owns more bags than any of us will in a lifetime. That’s a fact. So when she loves a bag so much that she buys it in two different colours, we know she’s really on to something. Enter, Gabriela Hearst’s ‘Nina’ bag style.

Stepping out in Birkenhead, England, with her husband in tow this week, Markle debuted a brand new outfit — and a brand new bag. But we’d seen that shape before. In October, to be exact. Touting cult label Gabriela Hearst’s most coveted accessory in 2018, the Demi bag (named after Demi Moore), Markle chose a satin green version of the staple shape, but for 2019 the royal was all business, opting for a brown leather version of the same style. Slightly bigger and called the Nina, the two bags are replicas of each other — except one holds more and is made of leather.

Nina bag

Apart from being a serious sartorial statement, Markle’s love of the brand proves she’s a real fashion pro when it comes to picking her accessories. Apart from being a relatively new brand — Hearst started the eponymous label in 2015 — the brand is famously dedicated to ethical fashion. An advocate of knowing exactly where all her materials come from, the Uruguay-born designer has become synonymous with sustainable and thoughtfully considered pieces — something we’re guessing Markle personally aligns with.

Demi bag

The Duchess’s love of the Nina style (and its Demi baby sister) is a show of what we already knew: Markle has her finger on the pulse when it comes to niche designers who are also doing good. And with a serious waitlist to get either of the versions, we’re impressed Markle even managed to get her hands on one.

Demi bag

Gabriela Hearst Demi satin tote,

Nina bag

Gabriela Hearst Nina bag,

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