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This ’13 Reasons Why’ Fan Theory Is Crazy But Also Makes So Much Sense

Because who hasn't wondered what the deal is with Tony?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Anyone who has watched the entirety of 13 Reasons Why has more than a few burning questions – which, in my humble opinion, more than cements the need for Netflix to confirm a second season.

What is Mr. Porter going to do with Hannah’s tapes? Did Alex survive his suicide attempt? Was it actually a suicide attempt or did brooding high school photographer Tyler try to murder him? Is Bryce going to pay for what he did to Jessica and Hannah? 

And, what on Earth is up with Tony?!

The character Hannah bestows with the huge task of distributing her tapes has more than one confusing element.

Firstly, Tony both looks and acts like he’s in his mid-thirties – I mean seriously, name another high school student who can afford to buy themselves a vintage mustang.

Secondly, he always happens to be in the right place at the right time, so much so that Clay actually accuses him of being a stalker on more than one occasion. 

This has brought fans to think that Tony might not actually be a tattooed, leather jacket wearing teen, but actually some sort of guardian angel who doesn’t actually exist. 

A bit left field, yes, but the idea does actually make quite a lot of sense.

He’s always there when Clay needs help, he is definitely wise beyond his years, and he certainly doesn’t look or act like any of the other kids at Liberty High.

While it would definitely add another element to the show if Tony really was some sort of ghost or spiritual guide, there’s also quite a lot that works against the theory. 

Tony is in a relationship with a human, he beats the shit out of a guy with his brothers (which is not really something you’d expect an angel to do), and while he’s usually the cool, calm and collected one, you do see him getting super upset over Hannah’s death in some scenes. 

Also, why would he tell Clay that knowing everything he knows, he thinks Clay killed Hannah?!? Clay was the only one Hannah said didn’t belong on the tapes, for crying out loud.

That is seriously unangelic, Tony.

Christian Lee Navarro – the actor who plays Tony on the show – actually clarifies a lot (read: all that creepy stalking) when he says, “I didn’t want to find Clay the same way I found Hannah. I know Clay on an intimate level, and I know if he doesn’t do this the right way, if I leave him to his own devices, he may just do the same thing.”

So, maybe Tony is just wise beyond his 17 years and Hannah picked him because she knew he’d look out for everyone (sans that horrific prick Bryce), especially Clay, on the tapes and always do the right thing.

But I still can’t get past him turning up literally everywhere at just the right time – or that a teen could have their finances more in order than me. 

Only time (and a second season) will tell. 

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