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6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Presidential Inauguration

Like the outrageous reason Kanye West won't be performing.

It’s only a matter of time before US president-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated and will become the 45th US president. The inauguration takes place on Friday 20 January in the US, and the Trump family will move into the White House on that very day.

So you know that Trump will be in office, but here’s a list of things about the inauguration that you might not know…

1. The Obamas Move Out On The Exact Same Day As The Trumps Move In

Of course, the Obamas have already started moving their things out of the White House. But the official transition takes place on inauguration day – with moving vans for both families arranged with strict security. The effort is made possible because of the service staff at the White House, who usually have an emotional goodbye with the President before they welcome in the new one.

Trump will stay in the Blair House (the guesthouse near the White House) the night before the inauguration, then Obama will invite Trump and Pence over for tea with him and Biden in the morning of the inauguration.

At noon, Obama will stop being president, and Trump will become president.

2. Inauguration Day Has A History Of High-Calibre Performers

Trump has famously had trouble finding performers. But here are some examples of performers in the past at inaugurations…

John F. Kennedy (1961) – Frank Sinatra

George H.W. Bush (1989) – Barbara Streisand

Bill Clinton (1993) – Bob Dylan

Barack H. Obama (2009) – Aretha Franklin

3 Doors Down is the most well-known band that will be performing at Trump’s Inauguration Concert.

3. Despite Trump And Kanye West’s Newfound Friendship, West Was Not Invited To Perform

Many people have suggested that Kanye West should perform at Trump’s inauguration, being one of the few celebrities that is openly supportive of Trump. However a spokesperson for Trump’s inauguration committee said it was because Kanye’s music isn’t right for the “typically and traditionally American event.” Given that rap is such an important part of American history, this doesn’t really make sense, but ok then.

4. Trump Has Caused A Stir By Tweeting Himself Writing His Speech

Trump posted this photo of himself writing the inauguration speech in his lavish holiday house, but as many Tweeters have pointed out, the Sharpie he is holding is closed, and the page is blank. Though knowing Trump, he will have a lot to say on the day.

5. Inauguration Day Is A Federal Holiday

Interestingly, many federal employees observe inauguration day as a holiday, but election day is not a public holiday. No wonder the US has such poor voter turn out!

6. A Women’s March Will Occur In Washington The Day After The Inauguration

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the women’s march after the inauguration. The primary reasoning for the march is to protest Trump’s suggestive comments about women, sexual assault allegations and what he plans to do in office (for instance, defunding Planned Parenthood and banning abortion).

The inauguration will air from 4am AEDT on Saturday 21 January. It is available to watch on many TV stations like Channel Seven, Nine, ABC News 24, SBS and Sky News, as well as through a live stream online. 

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