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A 21-Year-Old Australian Golfer Has Died Suddenly In The US

She was studying abroad.

A 21-year-old women from Melbourne who was studying at university in the US has suddenly died with no clear answer why.

9News reports Abbey Trinca was an aspiring golf player who was studying at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on a sports scholarship.

She had moved there when she was 17, and was living in an apartment near the university. Her housemate was shocked to discover that she did not wake up one morning, and instantly called emergency services.

Abbey’s family has been left searching for answers, as there is no clear sign why she died, and they are waiting to hear from the autopsy.

Her sister Lisa spoke to 9News about Abbey’s passing, saying it came as a complete shock, as Abbey was due to return home to Australia at the end of this year.

“To our knowledge it was a natural death. She passed in her sleep. There appears to be no foul play,” Lisa said.

“She was fit, she was healthy, she was by no means ill. As a student athlete she was seen regularly by the physicians. They knew about every drug that she was taking.

“We are still waiting for results from the autopsy and for that final piece of the puzzle.”

The family released a statement about her death, saying she would be remembered as a ‘sweet, loving, and inspirational natural-leader’.

“She was passionate about her golf, and her team and friends,” the statement read. “We were preparing to fly out to see her graduate this coming December, and unfortunately we flew out to see her for very difficult circumstances. We will forever miss her.”

Friends of the family have started a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring Abbey’s body home so that she can be buried.

“Words can not describe how much our family is devastated by our loss,” the page reads. “It would mean the world to Pauline, Shane, Lisa and Hayley if you could help us bring Abbey home to Melbourne where she can be laid to rest.”

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