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A ‘Pretty Woman’ Musical is Officially Happening

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The classic blockbuster film that is renowned in every household, Pretty Woman is officially becoming a musical. 

The iconic ’90s romance, starring Julia Roberts and Robert Gere, was instantly a hit, tugging on heartstrings around the world. 

Now, almost 30 years later, the film is being turned into a much-anticipated Broadway adaptation.

Pretty Woman

The musical will include a number of stars, including Bryan Adams, who is co-writing the songs, as well as actors Samantha Banks and Steve Kahzee.

Unfortunately, the original film’s director, Garry Marshall, passed away last year and will not see the musical come to fruition, yet his anticipation for the remake was undeniable.

“It’s a year away but Disney’s behind it…In the old days, nobody figured that a movie could become a play,” he told Deadline.

Luckily for all, the old days are well and truly behind us.

The musical is set to begin in Chicago next year during March and will run for five weeks.

Dates for the Broadway shows are yet to be released but we’re holding tight.

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