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A Third Of People Think *This* Is Worse Than Cheating

And you probably do it

What could possibly be worse than finding your partner in bed with the next-door neighbour/your boss/pizza delivery person? Them lying about money.

A survey by LendEDU found that 32 per cent of Americans feel that their partners being dishonest about finances would be worse than infidelity.

Lying about how much money you have in your savings account or how much you spent on those heels is considered worse than cheating by a third of people.

A third of people think honesty about personal finances is more important than fidelity. (Credit: Getty)

While we value honesty about personal finances, the survey found that not everyone practices it. Ten per cent of people have a secret credit card or bank account that they use to spend money without their partner knowing, reports Bustle

And 37 per cent of people withheld information from their partner about how much they spent on clothes, accessories and entertainment. (“Of course they were on sale, babe. No, I wouldn’t spend a week’s worth of rent on one pair of shoes.”)

Why are so many of us lying about money? The survey found that money is the biggest relationship stressor for many couples, and suggested people might be hiding expenditure to avoid fighting.

But before you run to your partner and confess your spending sins, Nate Matherson of LendEDU first suggests talking about your financial goals with your partner, being open about the purchases you make going forward and seeing a financial advisor.

“Being open and honest is better than hiding things,” he says, especially with end of season sales coming up…

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