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Actually, Pauline Hanson wasn’t invited to Trump’s inauguration after all

Please explain

You might recall when, a few days ago, Pauline Hanson gloated that she had been “gifted” tickets to Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony:

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts also took to Twitter to express his delight:

But after ABC reporters did a little digging, it turns out that One Nation weren’t exactly gifted the tickets… they asked for them. More than once.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued a statement to the ABC addressing the matter: “Following multiple requests from Senator Roberts, the Embassy in Washington asked a number of Congressional offices if they had any spare tickets available,” it states.

“On 13 January, Congressman Kinzinger’s office advised they had two tickets available.”

So there we have it: Pauline’s crew asked to be invited. Awkward.

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