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Aussie Model Rescues Children From Frozen Lake In NYC

He and his mate are being hailed as heroes

An Aussie model and his friend have risked their own lives to save seven teenagers who fell through a frozen pond in New York’s Central Park.

Ethan Turnbull, 24, and his friend Bennett Jonas, 23 were skateboarding through the park at the exact moment the ice gave way while the teens were reportedly taking selfies.

The pair worked together to pull the kids out of the icy water and a tourist who was nearby at the time managed to capture the dramatic scene on camera.


“I think they all just panicked a little bit,” Turnbull told NY1. “They were like overwhelmed, it was so absolutely freezing cold.”


“I went into the water, he followed me and the first two kids, jumped on top of me and I had to get them off,” Jonas said.

“He was just passing the kids at the end and I was just throwing them up and over the fence,” Turnbull added.

The boys were then taken to a local hospital where they were treated for minor hypothermia before being released.

Turnbull and Jonas have been hailed as heroes for their brave actions.

Taking to Isntagram after the incident, Turnbull simply said it was a case of “‘Right place right time’.

“With out the help of my Buddy @bennett_jonas the outcome of this event would have been much different. Thanks to all the friends and family that have checked in.”

Jonas also took to Instagram after the incident, saying it was a tough decision to put their own lives at risk to try and save the boys.

“We ran over and immediately we’re put in the toughest situation I think We will have to go through. 6 kids screaming for help being pulled down by each other, soaking backpacks and huge jackets,” he wrote.

“I had to make a decision to get in the middle of that or watch them drown. When I got about waist deep two of the kids jumped on top of me and pulled me under. I had to pick them both up and throw them to Ethan. I then grabbed a ladder and pulled the next 2 in. Behind them were two lifeless bodies that I knew I couldn’t get too. I swam out and grabbed the last two guys and was able to get them to shore and keep them alive.”


The pair, both models, have since amassed a legion of fans since their heroic actions have gone viral.

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