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Australian Teacher Murdered In Kenya Said She Feared ‘Violent’ Husband, Documents Show

Gabrielle Maina was gunned down in October

Murdered Australian teacher Gabrielle Maina had fears for her safety before she was shot dead in Kenya in October, court documents have revealed.

Ms Maina was gunned down on October 19 by armed men on a motorbike when she was walking near her Nairobi home.

As ABC News reports, court documents show that the 40-year-old teacher was granted a restraining order against her husband, Cyrus Bernard Maina Njuguna, six months before her death.

In an affidavit to a Nairobi court in 2017, Ms Maina wrote that her husband “became extremely violent and was of uncontrollable anger” following the couple’s move to Kenya with their two sons in 2016.

“He totally withdrew his companionship and as a resort (sic) I have suffered mentally and psychologically … to escape the abusive relationship and to feel more secure I sought an alternative accommodation away from the Respondent,” the affidavit reads.

Ms Maina’s husband dismissed the allegations in an affidavit launched with the court in August 2017, which was also obtained by ABC News.

“… It is not in the least bit true that I became extremely violent or exhibited uncontrollable anger … it is actually the Petitioner who suddenly began distancing herself from me on or about August 2016,” Mr Maina alleged.

“… Our relationship was never abusive and she actually asked me for a separation in November 2016, citing that she needed space. I wish to aver that I loved the Petitioner immensely and we were married for 16 years.”

Mr Maina and his cousin John Njuguna Waithira were arrested in connection with the murder in November but were released without charges, The Guardian reports.

The police investigation continues. 

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