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Australian Woman Dies In Bali After Drinking 27 Vodka Shots Over Three Hours

Police suspect she died from drinking too much alcohol.

An Australian woman died in Bali after drinking almost 30 shots of vodka in one night on her trip.

Police were called to 38-year-old Summa Simmonds’s villa at Peppers Seminyak resort over the weekend after she started vomiting. 

Sydney Morning Herald reports Badung Police Precinct Chief Budi Setiawan said Ms Simmonds had passed out when they arrived.

“The victim fainted, was unconscious, and her pulse became weak. The victim’s face and lips turned blue,” he said.

ABC News reports that her friends told police she had finished a whole bottle of vodka (about 21 shots), and taken six shots later on, all over the course of three hours.

While the two friends she was with tried to resuscitate her through CPR, she was pronounced dead just minutes after the doctor arrived.

The women were all travelling to Bali with a Queensland dance troupe and acting as chaperones.

While the circumstances surrounding her death are still unclear, police suspect that she died from consuming too much alcohol.

They are currently getting permission to perform an autopsy, and are performing tests on some of the alcohol she was drinking.

Friends and family have taken to social media to pay tribute to Summa Simmonds, with one relative writing, “I’m in so many pieces I don’t know how to put myself back together”. 

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