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Woman Shares Warning After 14-Week-Old Baby Suffocates While Wearing Headband

'All new mums please be aware'

A woman has issued a heartbreaking warning to other parents after her friend’s 14-week-old daughter suffocated while wearing a headband.


Leanne Wilson took to Facebook to share her friend’s tragic story after the young girl’s headband slipped off her head while she was sleeping.


“All new mums please be aware. Putting this warning out for all mums who have wee babies and use the big bow headbands on them,” she wrote. “My friend has sadly just lost her 14-week-old daughter whilst she thought she was sleeping in her carry cot after a long walk.


“When she came to check on her she had the bow headband down over her wee nose and mouth and wasn’t moving…she had passed away.”


“She wanted me to share for other” she continued. “She had left baby Holly sleeping for only 30 minutes whilst she showered and changed and forgot to remove her headband.”


According to the post, which has since been removed, the post mortem revealed the baby had died due to suffocation asphyxiation.


SIDs and Kids Australia recommends that babies head should always remain uncovered while indoors.


“Keep the head uncovered indoors; no head coverings including bonnets, beanies, hats, hoodie or hooded clothing,” reads their website.


They also recommend the following steps should be followed to ensure your baby sleeps safely:

1. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side

2. Sleep baby with head and face uncovered

3. Keep baby smoke free before birth and after

4. Provide a Safe Sleeping Environment night and day (Safe cot, Safe mattress, Safe bedding)

5. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult caregiver for the first six to twelve months

6. Breastfeed baby


To find out more about safe sleeping for newborns, visit SIDS and Kids Australia. 

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