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Mum Fears Hackers Have Spied On Family Through Baby Monitor

“Be careful, anyone could be looking at your children"

A Perth mother has issued a warning to all parents after a disturbing incident involving a baby monitor.

Waikiki couple Katie McMurray and Sean Johnson were using a baby monitor to keep an eye on their three-month-old daughter Chelsea, via an app on Sean’s phone, Perth Now reports. 

But when Katie was changing Chelsea’s nappy, she noticed the camera tracking her every movement. The mum fears hackers might have used the monitor to spy on her family. 

“I was shocked, it really made me quite sick,” Katie told 7 News about her disturbing find.

“Be careful, anyone could be looking at your children.”

Sean added: “I feel like we buy these things to make sure our kids are safe, and then you don’t know who is watching.”

The parents have since returned the monitor.

“Anything that’s on the internet has a particular footprint which can be traced,” Curtin cyber expert Dr Tama Leaver told 7 News. 

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