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Everything We Know About Season 2 Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ So Far

Alex and Richie are set for a reunion…

Despite none of last year’s couples going the distance (Keira and Jarrod we were rooting for you!) it’s been confirmed that Bachelor In Paradise will be back for another round. 

Here’s everything we know about the show so far…

When will it air?

No on-air dates have been confirmed as yet, but according to the show’s social channels it will be back on our screens some time in 2019.

The last season premiered on March 25, 2018, so we’re guessing the timing on season 2 will be similar timing.

Where will it be set?

The past season saw the contestants sipping on Pina Coladas at the Mango Bay Resort in Fiji and all signs point to the same idyllic location for season 2.

Who will be joining the cast?

While we know host Osher Günsberg will be back in the hosting seat, official details of the cast are yet to be released, but reports suggest that 2016 Bachelor Richie Strahan will be there looking for love – and so will his ex and 2016 Bachelor winner Alex Nation. Awkward.

Mum-of-one Alex won Richie’s heart in the 2016 series of The Bachelor, but the pair went their separate ways in 2017. Alex went on to date (and reportedly become engaged to) Maegan Luxa but they have since split.

According to New Idea producers wanted the couple for season 1 but the timing wasn’t right, but with the pair both currently single this time it could be perfect.

“Richie and Alex are not meant to know that the other person has been confirmed for the series,” a source told the magazine. Looks like thr cat is out of the bag then… “They were literally going to rock up for shooting and find each other on the set…you can only imagine how that was going to play out.”

However according to a source the chances of a reunion between the pair are very slim as they have a “number of unresolved issues.”

“This is going to be television gold, the sort of stuff reality TV makers wet themselves over,” the source added.

Will MVP Wais be there working behind the bar and dishing out love advice again?

We can only hope!

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