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The Best Twitter Reactions To The Bachelorette Episode 5

They're talking about Sophie like she's wifi. "I have a connection", "Did you get a connection?"

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Sophie took the world’s sweetest man, Apollo, on his first single date. 

They juggled, they danced, and they kissed, while all of us at home swooned over the ridiculously charming magician. 

Then Soph invited all of the guys on a group date where they were surprised with four intruders. The boys thought they’d gotten off lightly – that is, until Stu stepped out of the helicopter holding champagne, reminiscing with Soph about meeting in the real world (read: that time he invited her on his luxury yacht), and instantly skyrocketing to first place. 

Jarred said “he needs to go” and we’re all seriously worried for Stu’s safety. Someone warn him!

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