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Sophie Monk Finally Addresses Rumours Of Split With Stu Laundy

Well, that clears that up

Less than a week after the Bachelorette finale aired, speculation about whether Sophie Monk and her winner Stu Laundy are still together has been circulating.

To clear things up, Kyle and Jackie O from KIIS FM got Sophie on air this morning.

“This must be frustrating what you’re seeing and reading,” Jackie O starts.

“We’re getting smashed,” Sophie says before confirming that Stu is sitting beside Stu in a hotel room.

“No, we have not broken up,” she confirms, before going on to explain that they’re a lot older than the usual Bachie contestants and don’t feel the need to be constantly all over each other.

“They expect us to be making out like on the show, you’re not gonna be all over each other all the time. That’s not our thing,” she says.

“We haven’t seen any photos of you being affectionate,” Jackie O says before asking whether they exist.

“They must, and behind closed doors, we’re very affectionate,” Soph says.

Sophie then puts Stu on the phone who says that while the rumours are “ridiculous,” they’re not affecting the new couple.

“It is a bit ridiculous but it’s not affecting us,” Stu said of the negative media. “I’ve got four daughters, I’m not going to be out and proud, I’m not going to be a public display of affection.”

On that awkward Project interview, Stu said: “Friday was one of the busiest days I’ve ever had. It was interviews from 4am until live TV at 7pm.” 

“They both had their knives out for me,” Stu said of radio host Kate Langbroek (who put up a photo captioned “She hates him”) and Project host Meshel Laurie, revealing off air that Langbroek said, “I’m not sold on you, it’s going to take a lot for me to believe you. Next second she was smiling and on air.”

“You know what the funny thing is? I worry more than he does,” Soph says, coming back onto the phone. “Especially when you think a lot of them are your friends because it’s not the public doing it, it’s the media.

Kyle then asks whether Soph contractually has to keep up a fake relationship with Stu following the show. “My manager is too good for that sort of crap, I wouldn’t do it,” Soph says.

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