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Bec Judd Hits Back at Teen Paparazzo Who Gets Driven By His Mum

“His mum is supporting it; maybe instigating it”

As an Australian model and media personality, Bec Judd has been forced to grow accustomed to the paparazzi’s presence. But one pap in particular is making her particularly uncomfortable because, she says, he’s invading her children’s privacy – and he’s only, Bec thinks, about 17.

Judd called out the boy on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up show yesterday afternoon, telling her co-host, “He’s a paparazzo and he waits outside my house and, get this, his mum drives him.”

“First you wait outside my house like a creep and you wait for me to reverse out of my driveway and then you’re up my bum and following me wherever I go. When I park, you jump out of the car and you take photos of my children without permission,” she added.

Judd’s first altercation with the boy happened in 2016, when he started taking photos of her new twins when she was on the way to the post office. “He goes, ‘Hi Rebecca!’ and I was like, ‘Hey. Is that your mum driving you around?’ [and he said] ‘Yeah, yeah. We’ve driven down from Adelaide to take photos of you.’”

Judd expressed her astonishment that the pap’s mother is supporting her son and “maybe instigating it,” noting that the cost of petrol from Adelaide to Melbourne would cost more than the price of the photos.

“I think being a child pap and stalking other people’s kids is so wrong,” she added.

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