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Stop everything: Best Oscar Given To The Wrong Film

Yep, that’s right La La Land didn’t win

The crowd was on its feet, the cast – including Emma Stone were lost in grateful tears – and the director was in the midst of delivering his thank you speech.


And then the film‘s producer grabbed the microphone and informed the crowd there had been a mistake.


A huge mistake.


Although Lala Land had been announced by Warren Beaty as the winner, the wrong information had been included in the envelope and Moonlight was the actual Oscar winner for Best Picture.


With crowd on its feet and in shock, the Lala Land cast left the stage in disbelief, as the Moonlight cast uncertainly made its way to the podium.


Beatty, 79, took the microphone and explained to the crowd with an awkward grin that the announcement card had read “Emma Stone, Lala Land”, which he found odd at the time.


With embarrassing speed, the ceremony than wrapped up leaving the crowd and actors in disbelief.

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