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Beyoncé’s Rumoured Post-Pregnancy Gig Would Actually Be Amazing

Are you ready for this?

Hot on the heels of Disney’s highly hyped Beauty and the Beast live action remake, the movie studio has greenlighted another reboot: Lion King.

It gets better: Variety reports that none other than Beyoncé is top choice to play the voice of lioness Nala.

Director Jon Favreau (the man behind Disney’s incredibly successful Jungle Book reboot) is said to be in talks with Beyoncé, who is reluctant to commit to anything while she’s pregnant with twins.

Sources have told Variety that Favreau “will do whatever it takes to accommodate” the star’s schedule.

The original Lion King was one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time, making a staggering $US968.5 million worldwide after its 1994 release.

That, plus the power of Queen Bey? Priceless.

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