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Blake Lively’s Hilarious Birthday Instagram For Husband Ryan Reynolds Is The Perfect Payback

Remember that time he posted unflattering photos of his wife for her birthday...

For those keeping score at home, when it was Blake Lively’s birthday back on August 25, her husband Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to wish his wife a happy birthday, sharing a series of very unflattering photos to go with it. 

Ryan: 1; Blake: 0.

So naturally, now that it’s Ryan’s birthday, it’s payback time. 

The celebrity couple is notorious for trolling each other online, much to all our joy, and you bet Blake wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to even the score. 

For Ryan’s 43rd birthday on October 23, Blake posted a photo of them together.

At caption value, the sentiment was pretty cute: “I picked a good one. Happy birthday @vancityreynolds.”

But the photo of her picking Ryan’s nose is not so much!

Just to top it off, Blake hilariously tagged herself as supermodel Gisele in the post.

Given last year’s birthday message to her husband was full of niceties, we can only say that Ryan, you brought this on yourself.

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