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5-Year-Old Boy Crushed To Death In Revolving Restaurant

He has been identified as Charlie Holt

A five-year-old boy has died after being crushed in a revolving restaurant.

The boy has been identified as Charlie Holt by friends of the family, according to US news station WBTV.

The accident happened at the Sun Dial Restaurant, which sits on the 72nd floor of the Westin Hotel in Atlanta.

According to WBTV, Charlie wandered a couple of metres away from his parents, and became stuck between the rotating floor and a wall. 

“I simply think he lost sight of his parents and panicked, and found himself in that situation. A small child doesn’t know what to do in those moments,” says Sgt. Warren Pickard of Atlanta Police.

Police say that when the boy became stuck, the restaurant’s automatic systems stopped the floor rotating. Pickard adds that the restaurant staff dislodged him and tried to administer first aid but were unable to save the boy. 

The family has asked for “prayers and privacy to come to terms with this tragedy, No words can express their loss. If you have a loved one, please give them an extra hug today.”

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