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Brisbane Mother Suffered Miscarriage After Her Ex-Boyfriend Led 50 Men To Her Doorstep Wanting Violent Sex

He impersonated her online claiming she had 'rape fantasies'

WARNING: distressing content

A Brisbane mother says she suffered a miscarriage after her ex-boyfriend invited 50 men to her house to ‘rape her’ for revenge.

37-year-old Robyn Night’s former partner Ryan Kotynski had created a fake pornographic profile for her online claiming to have rape fantasies and calling the men to her door. Kotynski was jailed for four-and-a-half years in February.

Robyn Night told the Mirror that she has now suffered a miscarriage, which she believes to be due to the stress of the ordeal.

“I became so terrified, I stopped leaving the house and even dyed my hair to disguise my identity,” she said.


“If I tried to fight them off, they might think it was a part of my sick fantasy.”


Night ended up changing her appearance to escape the men, and she installed security cameras and left a sign on her door saying, “If you are from an adult website I am not the person you have been talking to! If you knock I will call the Police.”


When she found out that the man responsible was her ex, she couldn’t believe it.


“It was the last person in the world I thought it would be,” she said.

“Ryan had never so much as raised his voice to me and after I broke up with him in 2007, I’d even tried to win him back but was rejected – twice!

“My blood ran cold as I realised we’d exchanged friendly messages over Facebook during my horrific ordeal.”


Ryan Kotynski admitted to setting up the online profiles but denied uploading the images and making the more horrific comments.

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