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Carrie Bickmore Fires Up In Heated TV Interview

"Get it done! It's 2017!"

While The Project hosts were all for having a laugh last night with their rap video about tampon tax, Carrie Bickmore fired up about the topic in a heated interview that followed.

Yesterday, the Greens tried to remove the tax from tampons but it was blocked by the Government and Labor, who classed tampons as ‘luxury’ items.

Bickmore, who interviewed health spokeswoman Catherine King, got straight to the point, bluntly opening with: “I can only assume you and your colleagues think tampons and pads are luxuries?”

Ms King replied, “Not at all. We want to see the GST removed from tampons and sanitary pads.”

“Unfortunately, what we saw yesterday was a stunt from the Greens where they tacked on an attempt to get rid of the tampons tax onto a GST bill which would have scuttled the opportunity we had for retailers in this country to have an even playing field with foreign retailers,” she continued.”

It is not the way to go about it. We have to get rid of this tax. I am happy to lead the charge on that but we have to do it properly.”

Carrie, who wasn’t prepared to back down easily, replied: “Get it done, it is 2017!”

“It seems ridiculous that we are having this conversation.”

Before the interview, Bickmore and guest host Fifi Box appeared in a rap video skit named ‘Don’t Tax My Flow.’

In it, they rapped: “Every month Aussie women get their cramp on. Every month Aussie women need a tampon.

“The tax man has got his hand out. Ten per cent GST, get the f*ck out.”

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