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Carrie Bickmore Share’s Heartwarming Instagram Tribute For Son’s Birthday

“Your dad would be so proud of you who are"

TV host Carrie Bickmore has shared a touching tribute to her son Oliver in celebration of his 10th birthday.

The Project star posted a throwback photo on Instagram of her and newborn Oliver snuggled side by side in hospital.   

“This here is one exhausted, overwhelmed, scared mama, in shock over what her body just went through and unaware of the terrifying health issues that lay ahead for her in the coming weeks,” Bickmore wrote in the caption. “What this tired mama didn’t realise was just how awesome life would be with this little old man in it.”

As reports, Bickmore suffered from mastitis and post-partum haemorrhages after Oliver’s birth.

“Ollie we have been on a big journey together honey, but raising you has been the easy bit. I never take for granted how lucky I am to have been given the chance to watch you grow up…you are the kindest, happiest, funniest, and most resilient young man,” the caption continued.

Bickmore’s former husband Greg Lange—father to Ollie—died of brain cancer in 2010.

“Your dad would be so proud of you who are,” Bickmore added in the post. “Mummy, Chris, little Evie, your grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins love you 100 times more than you love watching people play Minecraft! A lot! here’s to many more years of life together beautiful boy. Happy 10th birthday.”

On Sunday, the TV host also shared a Father’s Day snap of her partner Chris Walker, their daughter Evie and Oliver taken 18 months ago. Adorable!

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