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Channing Tatum Stars In Pink’s New “Beautiful Trauma” Video

Channing Tatum dancing... need we say more?

On Tuesday, the video for Pink’s latest and greatest soundtrack, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ was released. The video features Channing Tatum and Pink dancing around a very kitsch ’50 themed home. Although seemingly light-hearted, the video makes some social comments about gender roles within the home through the depiction of a bored ‘50s couple, Ginger and Fred Hart.

The opening scene depicts the couple waking in separate, his and her beds. Pink is dressed in the stereotypical costume of a ’50 housewife, donning an apron and head wrap. It’s all seriously kitsch in their brightly coloured house. Channing Tatum wears a mustard coloured outfit, matching the interior of their kitchen. The couple breaks out into synchronized dancing in their kitchen and somehow Tatum manages to pull off his mustard-coloured get-up.

The couple goes about their day as Pink cooks and does the laundry and Tatum reads the newspaper. The use of alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms to get through their day is a prevalent undercurrent.

Pink and Tatum end up swapping outfits, while dancing around their house. There is even an S&M routine included where Tatum is tied up, it’s all there.

The video concludes with the couple going to bed separately, exactly as they woke up.

All we can say is: Channing Tatum DANCING.

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