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Charlie Gard’s Parents Given 48 Hours To Provide “Drastic” New Evidence For US Treatment

Little Charlie is terminally ill

The parents of terminally ill Charlie Gard have been told they have 48 hours to provide new details on how experimental treatment could save their son.

At a high court hearing on Monday, parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard were told a High Court judge would require “drastic” evidence for the baby to be allowed to fly to the US, The Guardian reports.

Charlie was diagnosed at just eight weeks old with a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which causes muscle weakness and brain damage.

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Charlie Gard
Charlie Gard and his parents

Charlie’s parent started a GoFundMe page on January 30 to help send baby Charlie to America for an experimental new treatment for his condition – and they hit their target of £1.3 million ($2.2 AUD million) with only 24 hours to spare.

On their fundraising page, they wrote, “If we don’t raise enough money then we won’t be able to go to America for treatment and Charlie will die!”

Charlie Gard
Little Charlie

The Telegraph reports that Connie and Chris have until 2pm on Wednesday to produce material that would show the untested US therapy would be effective.

Grant Armstrong, representing Charlie’s parents, told the court that a US doctor suggested the experimental treatment has a 10% chance of working for Charlie, at a “conservative estimate”.

Referencing Donald Trump’s offer via Twitter to help little Charlie, Mr Justice Francis told the court: “I have to decide this case not on the basis of tweets but on the basis of clear evidence.”

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