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Chrissy Teigen And Her Mum Are Getting Their Own TV Show

Cancel our plans

If you were to tell us the last thing the world needs is another reality TV show, ordinarily we would agree with you – until this latest news landed on our desks.

Because if Chrissy Teigen – she who recently snapchatted herself and John Legend re-enacting The Devil Wears Prada, and happens to have the world’s cutest toddler daughter – gets a reality TV show, we are so watching it.

Especially if it stars Teigen and her mum, Vilailuck Teigen. Vilailuck already has 132k Instagram followers and, if she’s anything like her daughter, is hilarious to boot.

Teigen junior recently revealed plans for the show to Sports Illustrated. “We just had a meeting the other day,” she said. “I never wanted one before because I thought of it as like, ‘John and I.’ It is kind of the kiss of death.”

“But with mom, she just does things on a daily basis that I’m actually ashamed we don’t film. She is just so funny.”

According to Teigen, her mum is already stopped in the street by passers-by who recognise her from her Instagram account.

Fingers crossed we get to see her in action on our TV screens soon.

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