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Woman And Her Lover Accused Of Murdering Husband And Stealing His Identity

It's being described as a 'replacement husband plot'

In an astounding turn of events that sounds like a movie plot, two lovers in India have been accused of killing the woman’s husband and attempting to steal his identity.

Swati Reddy and her lover, Rajesh Ajjakolu, allegedly killed the woman’s husband, Sudhakar Reddy, in the town of Nagarkurnool in Telangana state on November 26. The pair is accused of disposing Mr Reddy’s body in a forest, BBC reports.

In order for Ms Reddy’s lover to take her husband’s place, acid was then allegedly poured on Mr Ajjakolu’s face in a staged attack. Investigators say the lover had then planned to pursue cosmetic surgery. 

But the alleged ‘replacement husband plot’ began to unravel when Mr Reddy family visited the hospital in Hyderabad on December 9. According to SBS News, Mr Reddy’s family realised something was wrong when their ‘son’ refused to eat non-vegetarian food.

Theu then reported their suspicions to police after also noticing his height and body structure was different. Police have since carried out fingerprint tests and found a discrepancy. 

Ms Reddy has been arrested and police say her lover will be arrested too once he has is discharged from hospital.

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