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Couple Recount Their Amazing Story Of Survival Through Cyclone Debbie

The couple ran to safety with their toddler in their arms

As the devastation continues to become apparent in the wake of Queensland’s catastrophic Cyclone Debbie, an incredible tale of survival has emerged.

Katie and Levi Ward of Bowen, Queensland, have lived through two previous cyclones in their home, and they thought they knew what they were in for with Debbie.

However as the cyclone literally began to pick up their home, the couple were forced to make the terrifying decision to make a run for it, with their two-year-old son in their arms.

“We just a made a beeline through the middle of the storm,” Ms Ward told 7 News

“There was iron flying everywhere. It felt like pins and needles,” the brave mother sobbed. “I just never wanna go through it again.”

Recalling the noise that the cyclone made as it unleashed destruction, Mr Ward says he will never forget it.

“It’s just a horrible, horrible noise. It really is… it’s shattering.”

The Wards have since returned to their now unlivable home, recovering any belongings they could.

Cyclone Debbie is the largest to hit the region since Yasi hit in 2014 and is estimated to cost $2billion in lost tourism revenue, insurance and clean-up.

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