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A Couple Staged Their Baby’s Death On A Bus But She Had Been Dead For 24 Hours

The mother flashed her partner the thumbs up while boarding.

A couple are facing jail time after staging the death of their premature baby on a London bus, asking strangers to help revive the lifeless body.

It was soon revealed the child had been dead for around 24 hours already. 

Rosalin Baker, 25, boarded the bus with the three-month-old baby strapped to her chest, while her partner 52-year-old Jeffrey Wiltshire kissed her goodbye, giving her the thumbs up.

Around 20-minutes into the journey, Baker then alerted passengers, telling them her daughter had stopped breathing. 

Immediately the distressed people surrounding her started trying to do CPR and save Imani but the little girl was already dead. 

Upon arriving at the hospital, doctors revealed the child had died at least 24 hours ago, due to a fractured skull and brain injuries.

Jurors at the hearing were told that the week before her death, Imani was attacked three separate times, suffering 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and severe head injuries.

While on the bus, Baker remained cold and calm, and it was revealed through call records that she sent her sister a text at the time, saying, “Imani is dead sis x.”

The Independent reports, both Baker and Wiltshire have been found guilty of causing or allowing the death of their daughter, and are facing up to 14-years jail time. 

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