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Radio Host Dave Hughes Took Wage Cut To Give Kate Langbroek Equal Pay

He was initially earning much more than her

With the spotlight shining bright on the gender pay gap in the media following Lisa Wilkinson’s shock exit from The Today Show, it has been revealed that an Australian radio host took a pay cut to ensure their co-host would get parity. And we’re applauding the decision.

On KIIS FM on Tuesday, hosts Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes discussed their differences in pay. The pair played a clip from their show on International Womens Day, when Langbroek first raised their unequal earnings.

“You don’t know about this,” Langbroek begun in the clip, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. “I found out last year that you get paid 40 per cent more than I do for doing this show.”

Comedian Hughes responded: “I had no idea what we get paid,” and added: “Now I feel terrible”.

As reports, once Langbroek learnt of the significant pay difference, she requested the same pay as Hughes for the remainder of 2016. He explained on Twitter: “Pains me to tarnish my halo but must point out @katelangbroek knows her worth and was gonna bail without parity and I did not want that!”

Hughes had already reportedly finalised his salary for 2017 with KIISFM, so offered to accept less so Langbroek would be at parity. 

The radio duo also shared that at their new role at Southern Cross Austero’s Hit drive slot next year, they would receive equal pay from the get-go. 

“Now, when we go to our new job, we get pay parity,” Langbroek announced. “And we’re on parity now.”

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