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Dutch Politicians Hold Hands In Solidarity With Gay Couple Who Were Brutally Attacked

And it has sparked a brilliant trend worldwide.

Australian politicians, take note.

This week a gay couple in the Netherlands were walking home from a party when they were set upon by a group of men.

The group began shouting homophobic slurs before they brutally bashed the couple and attacked them with bolt cutters, according to a police statement.

The Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001 and naturally, people are outraged.

Dutch journalist Barbara Barend tweeted that all men, gay and straight, should hold hands in solidarity.

[Translated] “Could this whole week all men (straight and gay), please just walk hand in hand …

Alexander Pechtold, leader of liberal-democratic party D66, and party member Wouter Koolmees, took the challenge as they arrived at The Hague for negotiations on the formation of a new cabinet.

“We think it is quite normal in the Netherlands to express who you are,” Alexander Pechtold, leader of the liberal D66 party, told awaiting media.

And now men all over the world have followed the call and are posting photos under the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand (#allmenhandinhand).

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