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Sunrise producer rushes to Edwina Bartholomew’s defence after cruel Sportsbet meme

“It’s actually just nasty”

Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has unwittingly become the subject of a heated Twitter debate after Sportsbet posted a meme calling out her lack of NFL knowledge.

Just quietly: does anyone outside America know anything about the NFL?

Bartholomew was in the US covering the Super Bowl when Sportsbet tweeted the meme, which featured a screenshot of her reporting to camera with the line, ‘Aussie reporter on junket pretends to know about the NFL.’

For all the non-NFL fans out there (we’re guessing that’s everyone reading), the quote mixed up both team’s star players – Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (and Gisele Bündchen fame) and Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Or something.

Cue Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell rushing to Bartholomew’s defence, tweeting to Sportsbet, “You know she didn’t say that. You’ve done this before. It’s not funny.”

He added, “It’s actually just nasty. Stick to doing the odds.”

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