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Photo Campaign Shares Powerful Messages About Sexual Assault On Campus

In the lead up to a national report

A national report into sexual assault on university campuses will be released by the Australian Human Rights Commission on Tuesday. The survey addresses sexual assault and harassment across 39 universities in Australia, the ABC reports.

In the lead up, a powerful campaign from End Rape on Campus Australia has put a very human face and message behind the statistics set to be released.

End Rape on Campus Australia encouraged people to post messages of support for survivors of sexual assault and harassment on campus. Under the hashtag #EndRapeOnCampus, women have shared their harrowing accounts of being assaulted on campus, or explained how some universities mishandled allegations.

Campaign organiser Nina Funnel told that “it’s often all too easy to forget that behind every statistic there lies a real person”.

“All too often, the temptation is to reduce sexual assault survivors to mere numbers without recognising the horror and complexity of each survivor’s story,” she added.

You can see some of the powerful messages on the End Rape On Campus’s page

You can find more information on support services here.

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