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Female Students Told To Wear Low-Cut Clothing To Graduation

Medical students received the message

In the latest installment of why is this still happening in 2017: a Belgian university has been forced to apologise after female students were asked to low-cut clothing to their graduation ceremony.

Medical students of the Free University of Brussels received an email informing them “from an aesthetic point of view, it is preferable if young women wear a dress or a skirt and a nice low neckline,” the BBC reports.

“Of course, ladies, this advice is not obligatory,” the message read.

While women were encouraged to show a bit of cleavage, men got off scot-free with the recommendation they wear a suit.

Obviously, the instructions received international condemnation after they were posted on the university’s Facebook confessions page.

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According to The Guardian, the post has received over 600 furious comments, with one Facebook user writing: ““Is this a joke? They are graduates of medicine and we’re asking them to show their chest?” Another posted: “The dress I can understand but the ‘nice cleavage’ 😂😂😂 you got a Phd, but who cares, shows your nipples.”

The Free University of Brussels has since issued an apology on their Facebook page–and rightfully so.

“It goes without saying that the instructions related to the clothing of young graduates are contrary to the values of the ULB and this faculty,” the message reads. 

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