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Yet Another Dismembered Foot Has Washed Up On A Beach In Canada

It's the 13th discovery in a decade

A man was walking his dog along a beach in British Columbia on Friday when he made a gruesome discovery, stumbling upon a dismembered foot inside a shoe. 

As TIME reports, the remains include a tibia and fibula.

Andy Watson, a spokesman for the British Columbia Coroners Service indicated the bones were likely human.

 “Our early analysis suggests these are human remains and we will do further investigation and testing,” he said. 

This is not the only grisly discovery along the coast of the Salish Sea between Canada and the US; 12 other dismembered human feet have been found along the same stretch of coast in the last 10 years, CNN reports.

But as the Coroners Service has declared, no foul play was involved in the previous cases. It is also unclear why so many feet have washed up in on British Columbia.

“There’s no reason to believe that they (the cases) were connected in any way,” Watson explained.

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