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‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ Is Being Made Into A TV Series

Is nothing sacred?

With the exception of the American version of The Office, remakes of iconic films and TV series tend to be disappointing. Which is why we’re in two minds about this latest news concerning one of the greatest rom-coms of all time: Four Weddings And A Funeral. It’s being turned into an American TV series, and we’re not sure how to feel.

It won’t have Hugh Grant, it won’t have Kristin Scott Thomas, it won’t have Andie MacDowell and it won’t have John Hannah. Will W.H Auden’s ‘Stop All The Clocks’ be recited at Gareth’s funeral? Probably not. Will it be set in England? Not likely.

Mindy Kaling is on board as writer and executive producer of the series, Deadline reports, and – thankfully – Four Weddings creator Richard Curtis is also on board in an executive producer role. At least it has that in its favour.

Also in its favour is the fact that Mindy Kaling has a history of writing remakes well: she co-wrote (as well as starred in) the American version of the The Office.

four weddings and a funeral

While little is known about the series at this stage, according to Deadline it’s slated to span five seasons, each of which will focus on one of the five events of the film (the four weddings and the funeral), with each season focusing on a different set of characters, brought together by one lead role.

No word yet on whether it will be set in the UK or the US, or whether any of the original cast will be brought in.

Four Weddings and a Funeral was released in 1994 and preceded other beloved Richard Curtis rom-coms, Notting Hill and Love Actually.

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