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There Are 5 (Yes, 5) Game Of Thrones Spinoffs In The Works

Our prayers have been answered

Just as we were all recovering from the last season of Game of Thrones, we can confirm that five (five!) prequels of everyone’s favourite drama are in the works.

Yes, you heard right, the directors of GoT have teamed up with HBO to fuel everyone’s addiction just a little bit longer.

“I’m excited about what I’ve seen,” HBO chief Richard Plepler told Variety.” It’s a fantastic group of writers and talent, most of whom have lived inside the Thrones ecosystem so are very, very familiar with its intricacies.”

George R.R. Martin, author of the original GoT books, is also said to be “closely involved” with the production of the new series, according to

The spinoffs are still in the very early stages of production, so no word on release dates just yet. Still, we can barely contain our excitement.

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