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PSA: There’s *Another* Secret Targaryen On Game of Thrones

Wait, what?!
Game of Thrones

Thanks to an awkwardly-timed voiceover from Bran Stark, we all know Jon Snow’s real ancestry – and just how closely related he is to his lover-girl Dany, but as it turns out, he’s not the only undercover Targaryen kicking around Westeros. 

That’s right, there’s yet another character who has claim to the throne: Gendy, the blacksmith and bastard son of Robert Baratheon.


Yep, little old Gendry is not just Robert’s only living son, he’s also cousin to both Jon and Daenerys. It’s also rumoured that his mum is Cersei Lannister, which, if true, would mean he has the blood of three of the most powerful houses there is.

As you can see in the family tree below, brought to our attention by NME, Aegon V’s daughter Rhaelle married Ormund Baratheon – Robert Baratheon’s grandfather, meaning Aegon V Targaryen is Gendry’s great-great-grandfather.

At the end of season 7, it was confirmed, with a bit of casual incest in the background, that Rhaegar is Jon Snow’s dad, which means Jon and Gendry are fourth cousins. 

Daenerys is Aegon V’s great-granddaughter, making her both Jon Snow’s aunt and Gendry’s third cousin once removed.

While Gendry’s Targaryen blood doesn’t give him as much claim to the throne as Dany and Jon have, his Baratheon blood does. And his potential Lannister blood? Well, that just makes him scary AF.

This all also means that Robert Baratheon, the Targaryen hater, is actually a Targaryen.

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