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Fans Think Sophie Turner Just Accidentally Revealed A Huge ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler On Instagram

Could it be?!

With the Game of Thrones season seven finale just hours away, fan speculation has gone into overdrive.

Many are talking about the photo Sophie Turner – AKA Sansa Stark – posted over the weekend and the hidden meaning behind her pose.  

In the image, Sophie is posing with her co-star and real life BFF, Maisie Williams, writing: “In honour of the Thrones finale out tomorrow night, and of 6 mill followers on instaaaa… here’s da reel roadmans of westeros (SIC).”

Fans were quick to point out the positioning of the 21-year-old’s hand, asking whether she could be hinting at Sansa’s pregnancy.

Comments such as “Sansa is pregnant!” and “Who is father of that baby?” quickly started flooding the star’s Instagram page, however, others were quick to shut the fan theory down with some even writing that both Arya and Sansa are soon going to die

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